Extending Bootstrap

Practical and instruction-based, this concise book will take you from understanding what Bootstrap is, to creating your own Bootstrap theme in no time!

If you are an intermediate front-end developer or designer who wants to learn the secrets of Bootstrap, this book is perfect for you.


Well, the book is short but to the point and offers a coherent view of the topic at hand. It quite does the job of showcasing the various ways of extending Bootstrap, which is nice and should allow every web developers to nicely customize Bootstrap. Yet, as the book is purely centered on its topic, the reader should already know Bootstrap and how to use it. It’s not for plain Bootsteap beginners, rather the casual user willing to dig in and figure out more about customization. The other way around, I guess somebody already at ease with LESS, JQuery plugins and the like won’t find much meat.

Extending Bootstrap

Extending Bootstrap

I would have also liked more in depth coverage. Indeed, each customization pratices is just introduced with a simple example and the major recommandations for it. It feels like LESS, for example, would deserve a bit more explanation. I didn’t check the official documentation regarding Bootstrap and LESS, but odds are high it’s not too far from the book, which is kind of a pity. Still, the overall topics are nice to get a proper comprehension of the various possibilities with a feeling of “I can do it now”.

Overall, good book if you’re in the target audience (casual user of Bootstrap not deeply into JS and the like, not full speed ahead into Bootstrap) – which I am -, otherwise you might be disappointed since you already know most the stuff spoken off.


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