Why Bootstrap is So Popular

Twitter Bootstrap was released in 2011 to allow developers to not only make their web development projects move faster, but to ensure the developer had an easy way to implement the 960 grid, implement interface elements and even utilize a slew of JavaScript tools.

As a developer, this is a front-end framework that ensures work is done rapidly and that all of the browser standards are adhered to.

Why Bootstrap is So Popular

Why Bootstrap is So Popular

The Function of Bootstrap

Bootstrap is intended to do one thing – save time. Developers never want to reinvent the wheel and being open-source, Bootstrap ensures that they never have to. This is a framework that incorporates everything needed for a developer to build a website that uses CSS, Grids and JavaScript.

Not only that, but it is easy to incorporate into any project. With the ability to freely add pieces of code into any project, developers can simply choose to use this framework for one part of their design and leave it out of another.

Why Bootstrap is So Popular

Web development is much easier when consistency is in place. By utilizing Bootstrap, developers can produce websites faster and uniformly across browsers.

Eliminating the need to spend hours tweaking coding for Internet Explorer compatibility is enough of a reason to use Bootstrap. It simply saves time, but there is a lot of power built into the framework as well.

  • Scaffolding: Responsive layouts can be created with ease utilizing the many grid systems and layouts that Bootstrap provides.
  • Mobile Friendly: Mobile support allows websites to be displayed flawlessly on mobile devices as well as the PC.
  • Less: Utilizing LESS ensures developers have immense control over their layout with the use of variables found in CSS style sheets.
  • Typography: Easily separate content with the typography defaults provided in the CSS portion of the framework.
  • Components: Dropdowns, navigation bars, breadcrumbs, pagination, alerts and a slew of other components as well as their icons are provided so that development time is reduced dramatically.
  • JavaScript: Dropdowns, Tooltips, Popovers, Tabs, Modal, Carousel and a plethora of easily implemented JavaScript features allows websites to come to life in an instant.

There are hundreds of other ways to fully customize a site with Bootstrap. Being licensed under the Apache License v2.0, developers are able to utilize this front-end framework on virtually any project as long as the license file is kept intact.

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